The Convenience of Online Supermarkets

The Convenience of Online Supermarkets

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Habits of a Good Marketer

Habits of a Good Marketer

Anyone who has been involved in sales jobs or marketing jobs in the past knows that in order to keep a good flow of business going, you need to have a list of good habits that you keep. Some of the habits of a good marketer include Read More

Serviced Offices & Virtual Offices

Serviced Offices & Virtual Offices

A serviced office is office space for rent. This can be an incredible benefit for a new business that cannot afford its own office building, and yet needs one to meet clients in. An entrepreneur with employees needs to give them some sort of space if he desires live Read More

Is Online Grocery Shopping Really a Time Saver?

Is Online Grocery Shopping Really a Time Saver?

Time management is of great importance to busy individuals especially moms. High tech savvy moms know something that is more convenient and is a guaranteed real time saver in shopping for groceries. Read More

Part-Time Law Courses You May Be Interested In

Part-Time Law Courses You May Be Interested In

When it comes to designating a plan for law school, it may be tempting to start with a heavy course load in an attempt to clear out as many requirements as possible. Students may actually find that it is a better idea to Read More


The Facts on Face Toner and Why You Shouldn’t Be Without It

In Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, skincare is among the biggest industries. With such highly effective products, the country has exported millions of dollars worth of cosmetics and beauty products all over the globe.

Mostly, Malaysian beauty and cosmetics revolve more around caring for the skin than caking on make-up. With the firm belief that good skin makes good looks, Malaysian beauty product manufacturers have urged buyers to invest in products that are geared towards improving the skin than covering it up. For instance, face toner is considered more of an essential than face powder with almost all Malaysia beauty buffs carrying a bottle in tote.

Wondering why you should make the switch and cop your own face toner? Find out what toner can do for you and why you should never be without it.

The Benefits of Face Toner

  1. Refines Pores

Pores are small openings all over the surface of your skin. These minute holes give way to sebum and sweat, which are both very important secretions for healthy skin and temperature regulation. When your pores are too big, they can be easily seen with the naked eye, which cause some aesthetic issues for most individuals. Large pores are also prone to pimples and acne because they can easily be penetrated by makeup, dirt, and other contaminants.

Using face toner helps reduce the size of the pores to make them less apparent. Refined pores are also much less prone to developing blemishes, giving you a clean, clear, and flawless complexion and skin tone.

  1. Balances pH

Balancing your skin’s pH levels with the food you eat and your skincare regimen is of utmost importance if you want to prevent poor skin health. Essentially, your skin’s pH levels maintain a protective barrier around it, preventing the elements from causing damage to its structures. Throw off that balance, and you risk wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and oversensitivity.

Naturally, our skin’s pH is relatively acidic, playing between 5 and 6 on a scale of 0 to 14. Simply washing your face with bath soap or wiping it clean with a makeup remover wipe can disrupt that delicate balance. Using a toner can easily restore proper pH and prevent the issues that come hand in hand with a pH imbalance.

  1. Maintains Moisture

In Malaysia, weather can be hot, humid, or both. In any case, these weather conditions work against our skin by sapping it of essential hydration that it needs in order to properly function. Deny your skin of proper hydration, and it will retaliate against you by assuming an old, aged, and tired look.

Because it can be uncomfortable to have a layer of thick, sticky cream or lotion on your face throughout the day, using a toner can be an alternative to providing your skin the proper moisture sans the discomfort. Toners that are designed to work as humectants prevent the loss of moisture and protect your skin against heat damage without causing the slimy discomfort that lotions do.

  1. Protects Against UV Rays

Being an equatorial country, Malaysia is prone to extreme exposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays. With that in mind, most Malaysians need to be careful of how they protect their skin to combat the potential dangers that too much sun exposure can cause.

However, not everyone is comfortable with the feeling of having UV cream on their face. Often, these products poorly absorb into the skin, making it linger and create a sticky feeling that persists throughout the day. Using a face toner in its place will provide the same amount of sun protection for the sensitive skin on your face and will prevent that unwanted slimy feeling from sticking around.


When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, your skin is your investment. Be sure to give your skin the best love and care and bump up your beauty routine by adding in some face toner to the mix.

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4 Brilliant Tips On Finding A Fulfilling Job In Penang, Malaysia

There’s no questioning the fact that Penang, like most towns and cities, is going through a challenging job market trajectory. Many job seekers gather here and compete aggressively that HR managers and recruiters have a tough time scrutinizing a sea of applications and CVs. The very best candidates, showing a lot of potential in their applications make it through eventually. However, this job hunt gamble can become a lot easier if job seekers knew a few tricks that would make them easily find a fulfilling career.

Below are four cool tips potential job seekers hunting for work around Penang can use to find a job.


  1. Realize your dreams. You should always put your dreams into action every day. Working toward achieving your higher goals is the best thing you can do with your life. A busy job which you’re not proud of will only kill your dreams. Instead educate yourself more, get a better job, and eventually begin changing the world. The moment you realize your dreams, it’s the high moment you’ll starting hunting for a great career sure to fulfill your goals.
  1.     Fulfill your current job. The job you have right now is the best place to start growing your career. Especially if you’re looking to be hired in a higher position within the same company, make sure you’re fully responsible. Talk to your supervisor about stuff sure to bring a big change, suggest improvements, and work together with colleagues in a harmonious way. In short, if you prove yourself to be a valued employee, the more likely you’ll find yourself climbing higher-paying ranks within your organization.


  1. Get on LinkedIn. Set your location to Penang and make sure it’s updated with your job hunting materials, your role, and detailed responsibilities. At the same time, start adding potential recruiters in your field based in Penang to your LinkedIn page. This way, you’ll be creating an expansive network in which recruiters will be using to air about amazing opportunities emerging around your area. Also don’t be afraid to approach them via message about an attractive deal you’re sure you can do with much expertise and resilience.
  1. And finally, set up interviews for your arrival. If a potential employer or recruiter contacts you, have them schedule interviews for jobs you’re sure you can handle well. You can also try arranging for an interview yourself. This will show your about-to-be “boss” that you’re interested, and so trust you in meeting all the demands that come with that particular job.


Being unemployed and hunting for work all the time is a frustrating and daunting experience for most job seekers. You must be self-motivated and courageous to make it through all the drama you’re going in life. There are many job vacancies in Penang waiting to be filled by the best candidates that are competent and with great potential. All you need to seize this attractive opportunity is to follow the handy tips shared in this guide to nail that wonderful career of your dreams.

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4 Ways You’re Losing Out Without a Life Insurance

Life Insurance

When you are in interested in personal financing or wealth building in Malaysia, the topic of life insurance cannot be denied. So here we discuss what you will be missing out on if you do not get a life insurance with savings plan to show you just how effective and relevant life insurance is.


1 . If you do not have life insurance, your family will have a hard time to pay the final costs

The truth of the matter is that there are things to pay for when a person dies. There are the costs of a funeral, medical care, and other things that need to be paid, which may also include estate administration fees, etc.


  1. If you do not have a life insurance policy, you leave your family with worries about debt

For example, if you owe a mortgage on your home or property, the family may not have enough money to pay for those items when you are gone. Missing mortgage payments leads to a high risk of losing the property and home. But a life insurance policy would provide the necessary money to deal with those issues.

you leave your family with worries about debt


  1. If you do not have a life insurance policy, there may not be enough money to pay for your children’s university education

When there is not sufficient money to pay for a university education, children suffer and have to settle for less than ideal circumstances. But having a good college education provided by life insurance money would bring a good, secure life for them since once they graduate, they would likely be able to find a good job with good pay to sustain them.


  1. When you don’t have a life insurance policy, you could be leaving your family without an income

Maybe your spouse or children cannot work due to illness or a lack of jobs being available. Without money from a life insurance policy, they could find themselves in a financial hardship.


To prevent you from worrying about passing these eventualities on to your family after you die, it is advised that you talk about getting a life insurance with savings plan. So be sure to talk to a financial advisor to get things settled well for your peace of mind and the benefit of your family.

talk to a financial advisor

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Worst Financial Decisions of Your 20s and Best Available Ways in Malaysia to Make Them Right

Your 20s are both amazing and terrifying. You are both young to make mistakes and old enough to take wise decisions. This stage of your life, most often than not, determine where you might be in the future. But if there is one thing that you must already be doing in your twenties, it is preparing for your future financially.

Due to the many desires you tend to prioritize during this stage, financial security may fall to the bottom of your list. But you should not despair because below are the most common financial mistakes you tend to do during your 20s and some of the best ways to solve them:


  1. Depending on credit cards
  • Applying for a credit card in Malaysia is easy peasy. Based on your need, Malaysian credit card providers may cater to your very need for as long as you have the capacity to pay. However, habitually living off your credit card may have a significant impact on your life financially especially if your expenses grow larger more than your savings because of it. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you have a budget plan every week to minimize unnecessary spending. Better yet, cancel your credit card if your expenses are becoming out of control.


  1. Saving Alone
  • Saving is probably one of the great things you could do to secure your future financially. However, during our 20s, we tend to forget that saving alone is not enough. As they say, we must learn how to make our money work for us. And the truth is, there is a very efficient way to do this—life insurance with savings plan. Life insurance with savings plan is a kind of specialized insurance in which you may choose the amount of money you want to save as well as the maturity date of the insurance. This type of insurance is very much available in Malaysia and insurance providers may customize this plan depending on their financial capacity at the moment.


  1. Wrong Investments
  • People in their early 20s tend to prioritize things that depreciate over time like cars or gadgets. This has become one of the most common financial mistakes considering that the value of these things tend to go lower over time which may also mean dead end for the money you used. If you wish to avoid this type of mistake, financial planners may be sought for advice. In Malaysia, financial planners are expert individuals who may help you plan your financial life. They may custom fit your needs in the present and future investment, depending on your short-term and long-term plans. To ensure your security, look for financial planners who have passed either the Registered Financial Planners or Certified Financial Planners examination.


Although your 20s may be full of uncertainties, your financial security must always be on top of your list. This would ensure not just your future but the future of your family as well. So if you are looking for ways on how to minimize financial mistakes and make wise money decisions, do not hesitate to look for efficient means and assistance in Malaysia.

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Why Work in Human Resources? Here are 6 Rewarding Benefits

The working class in Malaysia is a distinctive breed of people. They are disciplined and hardworking.  Let’s face it, a country is only as good as its people. If you believe you deserve to part of the nation’s driving force, then there should be a lot more going for you. As one of the perceived rewarding career options, more and more people now are searching jobs in the Human Resource.

The field of human resources is stimulating and very engaging. Furthermore, working in Human Resources will serve you well as a professional. Let us look at the rewarding benefits of this profession.

  1. Position of Influence – If you are in Human Resources, chances are, you like people and being around them. However, simply having fondness for people is not only the requirement. You are in a position that can wield influence within the organization. You are part of the crew that is entrusted to screen, evaluate, and recommend prospective applicants who will fill in job vacancies or hire them for manpower expansion.Being in Human Resources are in a position of Influence company and personal too
  2. Develop and Help Other People – The kind of work you do in Human Resources entails helping peers outside of your group in their professional development. The organization will operate as a well-oiled machine when there is synergy among employees. It is your fundamental function to make use of information derived from performance reviews or exit interviews to improve the overall performance of the organization as a whole.
  3. Solution Provider and Mentor – You will be consulted by your co-workers in problem situations in the workplace. You are viewed as a person of integrity with a high level of objectivity. In most instances, you will also be the point person in dealing with new hires. These newbies would need proper guidance to begin their assimilation in the company culture.HR is the solution provider and mentor that you may want to apply for job
  4. New Challenges Everyday – A Human Resource professional meets new challenges every day. You are required to level up from mundane tasks to complex ones. There’s more of everything – personnel files, finance, accounting, and medical/health insurance. You should have an extensive knowledge of all processes related to human resources. Familiarity in information systems, as well as knowledge of computers, is a must.
  5. Worth the Compensation – Human Resources is a vital cog of any organization. For this reason, its personnel are indispensable. The compensation is appropriate to the demands of the job. You should not be worried about job displacement even with the rapid changes in technology and automation. Higher job responsibilities await you.
  6. Rise Up the Corporate Ladder – Rising up the corporate ladder is also the dream of a Human Resource person. Within the group are specific functions such as administration, recruitment, compensation, and training. Such functions are carried out by official and non-official personnel. There is further growth as you gain more experience. Also, higher job responsibilities also await for you.Businesswoman at top of ladder

The role of Human Resources is changing at a fast pace to meet the demands of today’s business organizations.  The shift in strategy is evident in the modern setting. Whereas before when hiring was an ordinary duty, today it is more of utilizing employees for meaningful work. Add to that the opportunities for future growth.

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10 Most Romantic Venues For Indoor Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Singapore


A pre-wedding photoshoot is often done outdoor, and there are many beautiful outdoor venues to take pictures in Singapore. But if you want something a little bit different, try capturing the romantic moments indoors for a change. Check out the 10 most romantic venues in Singapore for your pre-wedding photos:1

  1. National Gallery of Singapore Housing a large collection of art sourced from Southeast Asia, the former City Hall and Supreme Court has a breathtaking and modern indoor view.2
  2. Victoria Concert Hall A historical venue that once birthed PAP and treated bomb victims during WWII, the elegant concert hall has a stunning white façade with lovely backdrops found indoor.3
  3. Crowne Plaza The interior at Crowne Plaza near Changi Airport features a futuristic and artistic design which would make for interesting pre-wedding photos, especially the quirky walls and tiles.4
  4. Istana Woodneuk The run-down building still possesses its own charm due to its historic past. If you prefer some elements of mystery and elegance in your photos, this is the place to go. The grand staircase is favored by brides and grooms to be.5
  5. Gardens by the Bay Another venue for those who’d like a futuristic and artistic touch to their pre-wedding photos is the Gardens by the Bay. Strike a pose as you stand at the mountain walkways inside the majestic-looking Forest Dome.6
  6. CAN Café Retro and vintage lovers who want to add a touch of old-school charm can have their pre-wedding photos taken at this cosy and quirky little café, which has plenty of old knick-knacks that serve as great backdrops.7
  7. Singapore Youth Flying Club Those who want something out of ordinary could have their photos taken inside the Singapore Youth Flying Club. The Cessna Diamond Star DA40 aircraft will serve as your photo’s backdrop.8
  8. National Museum of Singapore For a Victoria and colonial design as your backdrop, head on to the republic’s National Museum. Please note that a photography fee will be charged.9
  9. Chijmes The breathtaking monument used to be a Catholic convent school. Currently a place to dine and shop, Chijmes maintains a European interior.10
  10. Wheeler’s Yard Another vintage café with a charming old-school setting, Wheeler’s Yard has a cool industrial setting going on, with plenty of bikes and other things adorning the walls. Perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

The best venue for you is the place that suits your preferences and the mood you want to create in your photos. Our advice will be to book an indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore in advance, to assure that your preferred venue is still available.. Pre-wedding photo packages vary depending on your needs and budget, but they all capture the loveliest moments between you and your partner.

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