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The Convenience of Online Supermarkets

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Habits of a Good Marketer

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Serviced Offices & Virtual Offices

Serviced Offices & Virtual Offices

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Is Online Grocery Shopping Really a Time Saver?

Is Online Grocery Shopping Really a Time Saver?

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Part-Time Law Courses You May Be Interested In

Part-Time Law Courses You May Be Interested In

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Why Engineers Should Take Up Business Courses

For those who study engineering, the idea of stepping way back and taking a few basic business classes, or even obtaining an MBA, might seem pointless. After all, why study as hard as you did – taking multiple courses in calculus – to then take Intro to Management?

The answers (and there are a few of them) lay in the future of one’s career. Many engineers find themselves stuck as they should be ascending into the stratosphere, and the reason for this is because while they are integral to the businesses they work in, they do not understand the language (or the people) on the business side of the work they are doing.


The Language of Business

Engineering has its own vernacular. So does business. If an engineer cannot understand terms like ROI, ROR, or MACRS Depreciation, then he is at a disadvantage. Likewise, if he cannot convey his ideas in a way that makes them easy to understand to executives and investors (and in a way that makes them like the ideas and the person presenting them), then success is going to be elusive, at best.

For this reason, engineers who want the most advantages in their careers need to study public speaking, management, accounting, marketing, and economics. In addition, they also need to embrace that these courses fall under the sciences category, making these business courses for engineers more valuable than they may initially seem.


Managers Pick Which Projects go Forward

Anyone who has read the comic strip “Dilbert” knows that Scott Adams is brilliant and that managers are useless, pointy-haired buffoons who don’t know how to do anything.


Dilbert Comic


What readers of this comic strip also know is that managers have the power to lift up or kill projects. They are the ones in charge of the budget and they converse with the higher executives, acting as representatives of the top members of the organization, helping propel their mission and vision.


Gilbert comic 2


Engineers with some business studies (and experience) will be able to take on these roles, being the ones who not only have a hand in the projects that go forward, but also in picking the most worthy ones, some of which may have been shelved years ago, but are still viable.

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Setting the Dilbert Principle Aside

In closing, we should note the philosophy of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. In his book, The Dilbert Principle, Adams states that the least competent people get promoted to management so as to avoid good engineers from being sucked into the vortex of leading others.


The Dilbert Principle


The truth is that leading people is a learned skill, just as working on, and inventing, things is. Some are more inclined than others, but others prepared to be promoted by studying business as well as engineering.

By preparing to succeed, engineers can bring their careers and companies to the next level. Without preparation, they will be left at the mercy of those who may find other projects more worthwhile.



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